Saffron Authentic Indian Restaurant

Plot 5 Sturrock Road (Behind Acacia Mall)


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Overview & Features

Saffron was founded by our director with one dream to serve Delicious Indian food in modern quick-casual seating with recipes acclaimed by our executive chef, all natural ingredients of the finest quality including saffron.

“Saffron” is now a reality (The word saffron derives from the Arab word zafran. meaning Yellow) the delicacy of our cuisine is in the grinding aromatic spices, saffron special marination prepared by our expert team who takes pride in following our traditional recipes. Every ingredient authentically added to make food sensational.

At saffron we care for our customers and their well-being.

The bar of Saffron is an ideal location to sit and relax while enjoying unique, hand-crafted cocktails, with a perfectly adapted wine list with selections from around the world and delectable mezzes from the Mediterranean.

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39 Reviews

  1. lester says:

    i like recent change at saffron, ambiance, food and hospitality is amazing, keep it up

    • Anil Singh Gusai says:

      Thanks Mr Lester for your valuable comments, such kind of comments really inspires us & being as a new operation Manager of SAFFRON Restaurant i assures u, that in coming time u ill see many more changes, interms of hospitality,ambiance, quality of food etc.

  2. RAHUL says:


  3. Dharmendra says:

    Great place, Great Ambiance good Food……

  4. Vincent okot says:

    we reach saffron around 7:30 pm with our friends and really enjoy the food & their hospitality. really worth a visit. our team has given 9/10 to saffron and we are the future supporter for saffron. keep it up saffron

  5. Vincent okot says:

    our group of 5 friends had food at saffron yesterday, it was very testy and hospitality was amazing really our visit worth. specially i like the karoga section which is open and green. we rate saffron 9/10. keep it up saffron.

  6. brain omara says:

    excellent, keep it up

  7. alex says:

    June 6, 2015
    My best friend, Alex sugested that we go to Saffron for dinner yesterday. I, once again, needed my friend, Google Maps to help me out but this wasnt as bad as the journey through Nakasero’s numerous roads. Saffron was an easy find.


    Saffron is a little beautiful, simple place tacked away just behind Acacia mall. It is a North indian restaurant looking to expand their menu with South Indian and African delicacies. The bar and lounge are under renovation currently so they are more active in the evening. Do not say I didnt warn you when you show up in the afternoon and cannot be helped.

    The service levels here are excellent and so is the hygiene. The waitress is not the funniest person in the room but at the same time-not mechanical. She is a warm lady who doesnt hover over us while we go through the menu. I hate hovering. (Food court restaurants-kindly pick a leaf, or take the goddamn tree if you like). She also does her due diligence about their current stock so we dont have to wait 3 hours to be told 4th Street is out of stock. I wasn’t elated about this discovery but I also wasnt ready to write the place off yet.

    I was also worried about their choice for the casual meal. I mean, unless you are the Happy meal type of guy-i dont think the Saffron Kids Combo is the best choice. There isnt much choice but to go for the signature meal which I didnt think was clever seeing as this week people would love to experiment. I mean i’d love to experiment. The point is for restaurants to go all out and not play safe.


    Alex and I ordered for the Saffron Family Combo. The waitress advised that the portions were big enough and we could share the meal. The Saffron Family Combo consists of Chicken Tikka, rice, butter naan and Gulab Jamun. The presentation was simple as required. 6 tender boneless chicken pieces in creamy gravy. By boneless I mean boneless. See, I have had enough fillet with bones and boneless meat with tibia fragments hence my stating the obvious that the boneless chicken was indeed boneless. The rice was welll done, I dont think there is any other way to cook rice. The butter naan? Gosh the naan was amazing. I am not a naan person but for any future requirement of naan in the system-i know where to get it.


    Needless to say this meal was subjected to 20% fork and spoon.


    I am a little disappointed that the Gulab Jamun wasnt served. This is a dessert in India. Spongy milky sweets served in rose scented syrup. It was part of the menu that they completely forgot about.

    That aside, the lighting here is very beautiful. I appreciate people that go the extra mile to invest in beautiful lamp shades. Before I delve into lighting I would love to present the award for Manager of the Year to Anil-Saffron’s operations manager who made his rounds to every table with clients just to make sure they were happy. As we all know, feedback is the breakfast for champions. In a service based business, this is the only way to succeed. He came over to our table, very professional gentleman, articulate and confident. He talked about the future plans for Saffron. Just enough for us to know and want to be part of their future. He took feedback well-apologised profusely for any shortcomings. Took a compliment and also gave us his take on the Ugandan service industry-sentiments the three of us shared.


    I could go on and on about this place. I rate it 8.5/10. I will definitely be back. I just need you guys to rush there already and enjoy yourselves. Thank me later.

  8. Twesigye Cheirmann says:

    /a wonderful amazing place that always blows me away…. highly recommended for the most delicious Indian cuisine in Uganda at any time of the day, week, month and year. Thank you for the good work. I appreciate, I i really enjoyed at saffron whenever i come here my ranting for saffron is 9/10.

  9. Lucky Jude says:

    excellent place with nice Indian cuisine….everyone should pass by and enjoy there best prepared dishes…keep up the good work

  10. Lusy says:

    delicious food, good ambiance. good staff and fast service

  11. madhu says:

    excellent cuisine …..keep it up

  12. IRIEN says:


  13. ACHAM IRENE says:

    creative & excellent ambiance

  14. RAJESH says:


  15. abhay says:

    nice food…..

  16. good food and nice ambiance

  17. Amani says:

    I onestly love their food, whenever i have a simple party, its where i think of first

  18. Gaurang Sheth says:

    I have know saffron since it had opened. I being a
    pure vegetarian I have got a wide range of sauces with excellent taste. Every sauce has its unique taste. Keep it up and best of luck.

  19. mohammed abdulnabi says:

    i can give ********** 10 / 10 to saffron resturant for the tasty food and good service good keep it up

  20. mohammed abdulnabi says:

    tasty food and good service

  21. mohammed sarwar says:

    nic location and tasty indian food

  22. vijay kumar says:

    nic food

  23. mohammed says:

    good service

  24. dashradh says:

    nic food

  25. murali says:

    good service **********

  26. kumar says:

    good services and nic food

  27. kumar says:

    nic food

  28. Maureen says:

    I was there yesterday with three friends. We had both family combos; the mutton and chicken. The food was great!!! Service was amazing, and best of all, they switched the dessert item on their menu and gave us ice cream, which was delicious. I will definitely be going back.

  29. shakira says:

    well done

  30. Great place. Loved the meal. my only complaint is that the rice was too plain. All the rest were great!

  31. Aaron says:

    Lovely restaurant

  32. isaac says:

    10 out of 10

  33. Olive says:


    My favorite Indian food is chicken tikka masala and naan
    , and at Saffron, they take it to another level.

    The staff is professional and the manager is attentive.
    Mr. Anil S. (the new manager), I commend the changes you have made to the place, good job!

    Whenever I need a good meal served fast or when I have a party in great ambiance, Saffron is The Place.

    I just can’t keep away

  34. Olive says:

    Good food, great ambiance.

    Like the staff.

    New changes have made the place better.

    Just can’t get enough of the place

  35. Olive says:

    I commend the new manager Anil on the job well done in improving the place and the service.

    Will always go back

  36. Friendly & attentive staff, and good portions served. The food itself was mediocre but we were treated well, which made for an overall good dining experience!

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