Bugala Island

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Bugala is the second largest Island set within the Uganda waters of Lake Victoria and the best developed for tourism, linked to the mainland by a regular motor ferry and dotted with accommodation to suit most tastes and budgets. Kalangala, the administrative centre for the Islands, is a small town situated on a ridge at the eastern end of Bugala, while the nearby Lutoboka Bay hosts the Island’s main cluster of beach resorts. Another important landmark on Bugala is Luku, the small village on the western extreme of the Island where the motor ferry from mainland docks.

A good dirt road connects Luku to Kalangala, and several minor roads run to other villages lying further south on the Island.

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  1. Haddy K says:

    Amongst the tropical lakes in the world, Lake Victoria tops the list yet it is the second largest fresh water lake in the world in terms of surface area.
    The journey to ssese island therefore will grant you the opportunity to interact with nature and escape from the visually polluted urban areas. The relaxation at the beach is quite an awesome and memorable experience you cannot afford to miss. The 84 lush equatorial Ssese Islands form the worlds of their own given the nice white sandy beaches and the beautiful untouched environment. Their virgin forests teeming with wildlife, delightful empty beaches and friendly islanders all make this destination a place-to-be destination

  2. Aeoliansands says:

    I stayed at Habitat resort on Bugala, the biggest island. It is about 4 hours by large ferry from Entebbe. We took a different ferry back.. about one hour, then a long drive via Masaka. It looks as if the island is being planted up in oil palm. There is a large mill with its own pipeline and wharf. Life is very basic for the people here, but with fish and tropical climate there is enough to eat. A lot of charcoal lorries are vying for the ferry – don’t get in their path.

  3. pepe mark says:

    My travel to kalangala cleared alot of doubts. It was inform of work but was so anxious to see the magic Island. I missed the Entebbe ferry then had to drive over 150kms through masaka to Bukakata such that i could get the 6pm ferry. The road is a mess from nyendo to Bukakata but thank God I managed to catch the ferry. I was the last person to enter the ferry with my vehicle it being the last trip of the day. I thought we were to sail close to 2 hours on the waters, it was 30 minutes to Bukoba and had 30kms more to reach kalangala. I thought Kalangala was a small island and could be toured in a day, to my surprise kalangala has 84 Islands in total.

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