Independence Monument

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The Independence Monument is in many ways one of the most important pieces of Uganda’s heritage. Located along Speke road in Kampala, just opposite Standard Chartered bank, the construction of the Independence Monument was funded by the British Colonial government in the days leading up to Uganda’s first independence cerebrations on October 9, 1962. Depicting a man unwrapping his child and raising it to touch the sky, the towering sculpture signifies a new born country let free from the bondages of colonization.

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  1. Twes_13 says:

    It is strategically located in the city center and it was well molded and also a very important symbol for us the Ugandans.

  2. Mervyn RB says:

    it was just on the way of my walk through Kampala, otherwise I wouldn’t go there. Anyway, I was expecting more of that monument.

  3. babirye pouline says:

    i havent cn any pic y?

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