Itanda Falls

Jinja, Uganda

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Known to kayakers and rafters, including Prince William of Great Britain, this stretch of the Nile is easily one of the most hidden jewels of Uganda. Few traveller guidebooks mention this spectacular set of rapids, waterfalls and the hillsides around it. Even fewer know how to get there over land. Unlike at the source of the Nile the way to the falls is not paved with souvenir stands and hawkers shouting at you to buy their wares.  Itanda Falls at Jinja, is still the Nile non-commercialized, the way it has been for many years.  To locals it is considered a sacred site…a “Blessed Place” where those living near the falls come to pray at the base of a tree in times of adversity such as when they need a physical miracle.

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  1. Berni H says:

    It is pretty wild but really small as far as falls go. It is lovely and refreshing though. See it before the new Isimba dam floods it – it may be gone soon. You can hire a boda from Jinja or Bujagali to take you there, or if there is a big group, get a special hire.

  2. Jitendra says:

    Nice Place. Good scenic view. Milky white water flowing with a thunder sound. simply mother nature at its best. Although approach road is in very bad shape, but one can enjoy scenic beauty on the way to Itanda falls. This place doesn’t have much facility there, thus apart from travel time, two hour is more than enough for this place to visit.

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