Lake Victoria

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Lake Victoria is one of the African Great Lakes. The lake was named after Queen Victoria, by John Hanning Speke, an officer in the British Indian Army.

With a surface area of 68,800 square kilometres (26,600 sq mi), Lake Victoria is Africa’s largest lake by area, and it is the largest tropical lake in the world. Lake Victoria is the world’s 2nd largest freshwater lake by surface area; only Lake Superior in North America is larger. In terms of its volume, Lake Victoria is the world’s ninth largest continental lake, and it contains about 2,750 cubic kilometers (2.2 billion acre-feet) of water.

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  1. Chickta 2006 says:

    We spent two days on Mirembe Beach located on Africa’s largest Lake – Victoria. There are numerous Islands on Lake Victoria and we visited three of them. The white sand beaches are truly beautiful and weather is perfect. We had a nature walk in the forests of the Islands and enjoyed fantastic views of monkeys and birds. We also went fishing and were lucky to catch a big Tilapia. You will not regret when you choose to spend your time on the islands of this fresh water Lake.

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