The place that has earned itself recognition has the perfect TAKE OFF spot for Africa’s best white water rafting experience. It is indeed a perfect treat in preparation for water activities, sports, boating, fishing, bird watching and more so rafting for half day or full day.

It is blessed with natural beauty, as per its name TULINA (that translates as “we have”); you cannot miss the gardens, the calm atmosphere and the sound of the Victoria Nile as it flows to the North. We have accommodation and camping facilities, games (Volley ball, table & Lawn tennis, badminton), a well-stocked bar and restaurant.

The place is conveniently located on the banks of the Nile River, the second longest River in the World. It lies about 7.2 Kms downstream the Bujagali Hydro power site. At this location, you will experience the gentle flow of water as it meets the next rapids only 0.2 km away, generating a smooth white water fall that gives a constant healing sound through the clear air waves at the treat.