Camera, Lights, Uganda Waragi!

This was the mood and the vibe when Uganda’s leading premium waragi, Uganda Waragi brought the ‘World of Waragi’ at Nyege Nyege 2018 and it was everything we hoped & needed at the biggest festival in Uganda.

The World of Waragi was a gazetted zone to give revellers the best vibes at the Nyege Nyege Festival powered by all the most loved Uganda Waragi brands of premium, coconut and pineapple. Inside the World of Waragi, peeps were given a chance to express how they felt about the awesome weekend with Uganda Waragi’s wall of expression. The messages were thrilling, the mood was written all over and the loved was spread throughout the weekend.

Inside the World of Waragi, it was laughter and positive vibes only
It was a world of tasty Cocktails, Uganda Waragi and a whole lot of positive vibes.
The Beat Was Felt, the feeling was expressed….


From a beach setting powered Uganda Waragi Pineapple’s ‘Hello Pineapple’ to Uganda Waragi Coconut’s Go Loco For Coco Caribbean setting, the world of waragi was home to some of the tastiest cocktails and rich positive dance vibes. To ice the cake that was the World of Waragi at Nyege Nyege, there was a silent disco too!

Did you find them happily dancing in the World of Waragi? Yes We Did!
There was no Rain, but inside the World of Waragi at Nyege Nyege, it rained all sorts & kind of cocktails
The Night was always young at the World of Nyege Nyege and ‘lit’
Hello Sunshine….Oops!! Hello Pineapple!

Nyege Nyege is Uganda’s most sought after annual festival tucked away at Nile Discovery Beach in Jinja forest right by the source of the Nile. The music festival is home to some of the best electronic music featuring over 200 artists from 30 countries performing on 5 stages 24/7 for 3 days nonstop.

Yes! We were there at the World of Waragi and we saw awesome things!
We Came, We Saw, We Slayed at the World of Waragi