Ask just about any real estate agent to list the three most important things a property should have, and you’ll likely hear: “location, location, location.” That phrase has been in use at least since the 1920’s and is just as relevant now as it was then especially when you’re speaking of Marasa Africa‘s lodges.

If you’ve not got the chance to travel much around Uganda, you may not appreciate this key facet that makes Marasa Africa’s 4 lodges one of the most sought after holiday retreats the world over. “Views” and “Proximity to Action” form the narrative of these lodges and the basis of our “5 Ways to Maximize” Collective!

Since 2015 Marasa Africa has made deliberate efforts to appease the Ugandan market into traveling around Uganda by lowering their weekend rates and this year, their first such effort comes by way of an enticing Valentines Day Package of $220 per couple per night at any of the lodges. Over above the bed nights this pleasant package inclusions that we didn’t see coming, here’s our review of their album and tips on how you can make the most of your reservation:

Track 1: Water Safari on the Kazinga Channel
Mweya Safari Lodge enjoys a fantastic location overlooking the famous Kazinga Channel and is the most primely located lodge in the park with regard to the scenic Water Safaris. Whether you opt for the public scheduled Boat Launch facility offered by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UGX 30,000) or the more luxurious and private facility offered by Mweya Safari Lodge through their Hippo & Sunbird Cruisers (rates starting from $30pp), you will not suffer any inconvenience in driving hours to the Start Point as the Start Point actually is at Mweya.
1 Water SafarI Mweya

Track 2: Game Drive from Paraa  
The Northern Sector of Murchison Falls National Park is the most rewarding for game drives and Paraa Safari Lodge boasts a unique location at the entry into the Northern Sector. You may expect to see elephant, buffalo, giraffe, Jackson’s hartebeest and oribi. With luck, lion and perhaps even a leopard may be sighted. With Paraa‘s proximity to the tracks, you won’t have to drive for hours to start tracking some beautiful game!
2 Game Drive at Paraa Lodge

Track 3: 5 Star Luxuries at Chobe
Chobe Safari Lodge (in our opinion) is not the activities lodge, Chobe is for the traveller seeking to relax and simply soak in the luxuries of an urban 5 star hotel, but in the jungle. At Chobe, spoil yourself with a cocktail as you gaze at the gliding nile from the third tier of the infinity pool, keep up with your gym routine with views that made CNN drop their collective jaw, get in a golf cart and take a lazy drive around the property.. take it easy and spoil yourself.
3 Chobe Safari Lodge Views & Luxury

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Track 4: Bush Breakfast Experiences
Do something new… you’re accustomed to having your breakfast in the confines of the restaurant area or if you’re lucky, you’ve become accustomed to having it in bed. Breathe new life into breakfast by placing a request for Bush Breakfast in your reservation. You’ll be driven out to a private secluded picnic spot with outstanding views and air so fresh and rich in oxygen you might not need your morning coffee this time.
5 Bush Breakfasts

Track 5: Views from the 256
As you’ve probably noticed by this point in the article, if you’re a sucker for Views (no, not Drake’s most recent lackluster project 😉), the Marasa’s Lodges are for you. Views on Views on Views. At these lodges, the poetry of the earth is most alive.. soak it in.
views from mweya safari lodge

Have you been to any of the Marasa Lodges? Share your comments with us below. If you haven’t mail to book!