In the wake of February, the month of love, we introduced the first ever modified and boujee picnic experience dubbed the “Baileys Picnic Movie Experience” in Kampala that has since gone ahead to make it such an iconic event on the Ugandan events calendar.  

Pitch-perfect evening to come out with the girls to play and slay.

In the heydays, picnics were known for packing up your boxes stuffed with blankets, fruits, pastries, food, wine, mat, name it and you head out to a secluded location that is serene and simply watch the sun kiss the end of the world as it sets.

You have peace of mind to bond more with your personal person as you busk in positive vibes

The Baileys Picnic Movie is an intimate outdoor afternoon-long experience with a variety of intimate indulgent crafty baileys cocktails, creative baileys snacks, acoustic garden entertainment, makeup artist onsite topped with a romantic comedy movie under the stars on a giant screen.

Sensational Guitarist &vocalist JC Muyonjo has always been there to serenade you with his guitar

Last year, 2018, saw two sizzling editions Baileys Picnic Movie Experience with the first on the  February 16th and due to much anticipation, the second was held on 27th October at Seven Trees in the serene hills of Kololo.

A galore of signature baileys cocktails from the finest mixologists is at your disposal

Owing to it’s Baileys name, the event has a dedicated flow of baileys cocktails on site ranging from a shot of gelato in a bed of Bailey’s Irish cream and a finishing of espresso, and the Baileys Brownie cocktail with a sinfully delicious brownie dipped in a shot of Baileys Irish cream and topped with a serving of gelato.

A moment to relax your thoughts and wear a smile effortlessly

Among the things that made a killing at the two last Baileys Picnic Movie events are; the amazing Baileys Cocktails, the vintage classic movies; 50 First Dates” & “Top Five” that were screened, a dedicated corner for a fancy lady to get a face beat, delicious foods from the food library and Larousse, live performances from Afrie,Jc Muyonjo and Body of Brian coupled with a great and serene ambience at Seven Trees, Kololo.

Body Of Brian does his thing and it’s always a masterpiece
The Crowd’s favourite Afrie Stede does her thing at the Baileys Picnic Movie experience