Budongo Eco Lodge has five intimate eco cabins, each secluded privately in the forest. The cabins are spacious, with a twin or double bed and sitting area. Each eco cabin  has an en-suite bathroom with shower and eco-toilet and a private veranda overlooking the forest. The lodge also offers four dormitory rooms with two double decker beds in each room (max. 4 people) and shared washing facilities.

The eco-friendly lodge’s restaurant is the perfect place for guests to have a refreshing drink before or after their forest activities. A variety of meals are served on the terrace while you enjoy the sounds of the forest enclosing the lodge.

At the Budongo Eco Lodge Visitor’s Centre where you can relax or read a book in the lounge area or view the display of fossils, animal skeletons and snares that have been removed from the forest. The Craft Shop offers a small selection of indigenous Uganda crafts.