Bulago Island is one of the several scenic islands on Lake Victoria, located east of Entebbe International Airport. Bulago Island has been equated to approximately 500 acres of paradise away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 6km of white sandy beaches with 10km of shoreline that is mainly made up of rocks and low cliffs engender a feeling of serenity and peace; making it a perfect vacation spot  for weekend getaways or even honeymooners.

Bulago, a ‘Luganda’ word to mean neck because of their neck-like formation, is the first island in Lake Victoria to be developed exclusively for leisure use. The Island has some of the excellent beaches owned by local and expatriate residents and professionals.

Bulago Island is all about enjoyment and relaxation. The island is comprised of beautiful soft white sand and several resorts but one that stands out is the Pineapple Bay resort, the most beautiful resort on this Island. Bulago offers brilliant lake side views, sunbath, is perfect for water sports, jogging around the island, horse-riding and hiking trails and also an excellent base for bird-watching as the island is home to approximately 200 bird species. This vast range of birds is simply dazzling – even to non-twitchers. Otters play along the shores, and the nature trails provide wonderful opportunities for observing nature at her best.