CÎROC Brunch

5 May, 2024


The Alchemist, Bandali Rise, Bugolobi

Kampala’s premiere brunch event, CIROC Brunch combines the pleasure of style, signature cocktails, good food and great music, making it a sought-after experience for those seeking a touch of glamour and indulgence. Celebrate those wins, big or small, at Kampala’s trendiest day party every 1st Sunday of the month.

  • Event & Reservation Terms & Conditions

    Reservations Opening Dates: Table Reservations for the next brunch event open at 9:00AM the Monday after the current brunch. i.e Table Reservations for 5th November 2023 will open on 2nd October 2023 at 9:00AM, Table Reservations for 3rd December 2023 will open on 6th November 2023 at 9:00AM and so on. 

    Reservation Confirmation: All Reservation Requests submitted through the Reservation Form on our website are provisional until confirmed by receipt of Confirmation Email on the same day. With consideration to limited seating at the venue, we aim to ensure that the public at large has an equitable opportunity at securing a table, therefore new reservers are afforded priority over attendees from the just concluded event.

    Any reservation confirmation that is not of the form of an email from The Pearl Guide is null and void. 

    Table Changeover Option: When 12PM table reservations are full, we offer a 10AM-12PM Table Changeover option where guests may utilize a table for this period mainly for purposes of food, and them be relocated to the bar area at 12PM to continue with the event. All Table Changeovers are strictly for small groups i.e 3-4pax to facilitate a smooth relocation from the table. 

    Waiting List: When the reservations are full and a Table Changeover is not desirable, guests have an option to join the Waiting List. On the Waiting List, we remain on the look out for any table cancellation during the course of the month and guests on the Waiting List are assigned tables that become vacant from reservation cancellation. 

    Table Giveaway on Event Day: With consideration to being a brunch / day event, all tables (excluding 10AM-12PM changeovers) are reserved for 12:00PM. We offer an arrival allowance of 40mins. If your table is still vacant by 12:40PM, we unfortunately have to give away the table to walk-ins and guests on the Waiting List. Therefore guests are encouraged to keep time strictly. 

    Similarly, if a table is less than 50% occupied by 2:00PM, occupants will be instructed either to share the table with other guests or to relocate to the bar depending on the circumstance. This is to curb cases where guests may send one person to hold for them the table till they arrive later. This is not permitted as it's against the event objectives. 

    Table Allocation: Table Allocation is made with consideration to variables such as Group Size and which table a guest may have occupied at previous editions. Any given table cannot be seen to be accessible only by a particular group and we aim to have an equitable access to the entire venue for every guest over time. 

    The Special Requests field in the Reservation Form may be utilized to express interest in a particular table and if all considerations align, this will be granted however not guaranteed. 

    Cancellation: If unable to make it, we encourage guests to let us know in good time to enable us pass on the table to guests on the Waiting List in a timely manner. Cancellation may be communicated to us on events@thepearlguide.co.ug or +256775 498 582. 

    Walk-Ins: Walk-ins without reservation are welcome and advised. Walk-ins may use the bar area or exterior venue rails until a table becomes vacant. 

    Prepayment: No payment whatsoever is required to guarantee your reservation. Table Reservation is completely free of charge. Any payment made in advance to any party is at your own behest. 

    Dress Code: The event aims to be a premium celebration of life's joys and therefore guests are encouraged to dress to impress. Sorry lads – we do not allow sleeveless shirts and flip flops.

    Disorderly Behaviour and Malpractice: In cases of disorderly behavior, including but not limited to where guests occupy a table that's not reserved for them, excessive intoxication, violent behavior and more, we shall use all tools at our disposal to amicably resolve the matter. In extreme cases, guests will be removed from the premises. The objective is to preserve a pleasurable experience for all guests from the point of reservation up to the point of event completion. 

    Age Limit: CIROC Brunch is strictly for persons above the age of 18. All guests are encouraged to drink and behave responsibly. 

    Photography and Video Disclaimer: The event is an area where photography, audio and video recording will occur. Kindly be aware that by entering the event premises, you consent to be photographed, filmed, and/or otherwise recorded without compensation and waive and release any claims you may have related to use of recorded media of you at the event for news purposes in connection with the event, by way of example only, use on websites and in social media. Please do not enter the event if you do not agree to the foregoing.

    Inquiries, Feedback and Support: If you have any inquiry, big or small, please do not hesitate to reach out to us on events@thepearlguide.co.ug or +256776 030 360. You may also DM on our social media pages @thePearlGuideUg. On event day, please feel free to connect with the CIROC Hostesses or our Event Manager who will be visible within the venue. 

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