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Offer Highlights

  • Special Edition Two Course Meal with Starter and Main Course at a generous UGX 25,000 only. See Full Menu below.
  • Specialty Offer on the Obikwa Range of Wines: UGX 8,000 per glass


Dining at The Lawns Restaurant is more of an experience than merely having a meal. Just the setting of the restaurant in a large airy compound makes one feel so relaxed that the meal is only a part of the whole experience. Located in the middle of Kololo, on Impala Avenue, The Lawns is nested among other restaurants but stands out from the competition. One of only a few places in Kampala where one can find delicious game meat, this restaurant is for the daring and adventurous with their palettes.

You can either walk to the bar, which is well stocked and has an expert mixologist who can make you any concoction of beverage you want, or head straight to the restaurant on the raised terrace.

The Lawns Restaurant also stands as one of the finest purveyors of Game Meat in Kampala with a menu that spans Blesbok, Kudu, Ostrich, Crocodile and more.

Deal of the Week Menu
Spring Time Salad dressed with Honey Vinaigrette OR Cream Sunshine with Garlic Butter Bread OR Chicken Saltimbocca OR Fresh Fruity Sundae.

Main Course
Based Flaminous Chicken. Cowboy’s feast of roasted chicken served over an open flame with a trio of dipping sauces and your choice of sides.

Need to know

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