If you follow us faithfully, you’ll already know that Easter this year is promising to be a manic situation thanks to Intimania 17: Make Your Escape, our new annual destination music shindig. Over the 14th & 15th April, we’ll be taking 125 thrill seekers into the unusual.. an unusual island, an unusual venue, unusual camping, unusual acts, everything unusual. With so much unusual going on, we feel it best to equip you with tools you’ll need to make disturbingly great memories.

1. Do chill out

Go on…embrace the island hippie spirit. The world won’t end if you can’t maintain your five-a-day healthy eating regime or you’ve forgotten to pack your Chanel moisturizer. Forget the Kampala highlife, forget where your tent is, forget sleep, buy a drink for a complete stranger, take a swim at 3am and be serious about having fun. It’s what Intimania is all about. Relaaaaaaxxxxx 🙂

2. Find your Intimania Ice Breaker

This is where things get really interesting. We want you to express your personalities in simple and enjoyable ways. Those crazy things that you can’t do at a regular city party, we welcome them with open arms. The ice breaker is that item that’s definitely going to get the conversation going, either when you link up with your friends or walk up to a complete stranger. If you’re coming as a Solo Trooper, this is a MUST HAVE! Here are some ideas:

  • Wear that very provocative T-Shirt
  • Wear an actual natural Lei – not the Snapchat filter for a change
  • Find some ultra colorful mirrored flash lens sunglasses
  • Wear a superhero mask: We want to find Intimania’s Iron Man
  • Dye your beard??

Feel free to get really weird. You have our full support.

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3. Pack Light, Pack Right

Go easy on the packing, with only 2 days on the island, focus on the must haves and eradicate stress. Intimania is about making your escape.. and in this case, escaping from your personal possessions. Here’s our checklist of the essentials:

  • A warm blankie and light beddings (if you plan on sleeping): We’re providing the necessary camping equipment i.e Tents & Mattresses. During the day, feel free to use this same blankie as a Picnic Mat as you laze at the beach or on the green
  • Power Bank
  • Swim Suit or Trunks: We also welcome the skinny dippers with open arms.
  • Small Toiletries: Soap, Toothpaste. If you choose to turn into a soap-dodging hippie on the day, we won’t judge.. do you.
  • Some extra cash: Your Intimania wristband entitles you to 2 complimentary drinks and 3 meals: Dinner, Lunch and Breakfast. Carry that extra if you need a rolex in the middle of the rave.

4. Get Lost in the Music

We know the good music you love to jam to in the club. BUT we’ve asked the deejays to scratch all that and brew something new for you. For Intimania, the deejays will depart from their regular deejaying and become rave performers. These are the sets to look out for:

  • THA DROPOUT 9PM-10PM – Trapping to Throwbacks: An evolutionary set transcending classic trap, electro trap and sweetly fusing into that Grown n Sexy Old School
  • SLAUGHTERELLY 10PM-11PM – Welcome to Jamrock: Simply because out in the streets, they call it muuuuuurrrdeerr! 😉
  • DJ SIMPLES 11PM – 12AM – URBANOISE – Simples Unchained: If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been cut by DJ Simples at least once in the last year. This man is an urban mad man. Hiphop, Grime, Funky House, Afrobeat all in one set and the real noise in Simple’s head.
  • DJ PHOEBEATS 3PM, 5AM – Drum and Bass, Tribal, Deep Electronique: Enter the lab of a serial electro raver.
  • KELLAGRAM SILENT DISCO 12AM: – We’ve teamed up with Kampala’s most exciting quiet riot and we’re bringing it to the island with us. Allow yourself to sink into sound with McKenzie, Deedan, Deejay JO, Dropout, Slaughter Elly, and Phoebeats.

Explore new genres and lose yourself to dance.

5. What happens on the island stays on the island

Outdoor getaway shindigs can bring out the best in people. We’ll leave the rest to your imagination, friends.

Have you bought your ticket yet? There are only 125 on sale, we can’t have everybody so do the right thing. Call / Whatsapp 0775498582 to book. Or mail: info@thepearlguide.co.ug

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