On Friday 26th September, The Emin Pasha Kampala Hotel hosted a corporate cocktail party in honor of the clients who have stood by them through thick and thin. The Pearl Guide was granted an all access pass into the inner workings of the body and soul of The Emin Pasha Hotel before the cocktail was set to start. Within a few paces of exploring the 2 acres that cushion this hotel, it became apparent to me that I didn’t know Emin Pasha as well as I thought I did.

The hotel as most of you know is named after a German Physician and Naturalist who thrived during the colonial era. Without delving into his history both seemingly controversial and romantically heroic, the hotel seeks to personify his essence with its indulgence in nature’s gifts. Alissa Nyamura, the hotel’s Marketing Manager was happy to inform me that the hotel’s passion for nature was merely its reflection of the man Emin Pasha and his love for birds and life. For this reason, the hotel is enclosed within the shelter of a diverse botanical character with different species of trees lining the entire estate and a broad range of birds nesting in its naturally aesthetic face. The Emin Pasha Kampala Hotel

Claire Kyomugisha, the Front Office Manager welcomed us into the hotel with gregarious warmth. Her hospitality was extended to every person who walked through the hotel doors to the point that soon strangers and would be clients were on first name basis with her cracking jokes.

She walked us around the hotel gardens and through a few rooms. The hotel makes good on its city view location with as many modern amenities as natural holistic elements.

So the same hotel that has nature infused herbal treatments in the luxurious spa and pre-colonial architecture also has coffee makers in each room. Its sand glazed décor coupled with wooden framed glass windows and twined branches on the ceiling really submerge you into an era quite opposite from the fast paced shark trail that is Kampala life. With 20 rooms both single and double, two conference rooms, 2 lounge areas, a fully stocked and comfortable bar and restaurant, a swimming pool and a sauna you can count on a rate of 250USD to 270USD to be worthily invested.

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The Emin Pasha Kampala Hotel At around 6pm, the corporate guests of honor started trickling in. The open patio on the upper part of the garden of the hotel was simply and elegantly decorated with cocktail tables draped in ivory cloth with a large candle atop and a delicately bundled bouquet of lavender powder flowers. To the side of the patio was the reason of the season. Lots and lots of wine.

Without much ado, we filled our glasses and got to mingling. The event carried a casual fervor very unlike the typical Kampala events and so the cocktail was decidedly as informal as possible. Douglas King, who has been the general manager of the hotel for a little under two months, said that the night was purely for the enjoyment and entertainment of their clients. So while we talked and drunk and stuffed our faces with the most deliciously crafted finger foods we were sweetly serenaded by the smooth sensations of Michael Kitanda’s masterful saxophone skills and the harmonious Ron Kiryowa.
The Emin Pasha Kampala Hotel The idea of rewarding the faithful clientele with a night of wine, good food and pleasant entertainment was the brain child of Alissa Nyamura. She excitedly spoke to us about how fulfilling it was, for both her and the rest of the staff to be under the management of Douglas King.  Another staff member said that Douglas was the defender of the hotel because from his day one, he was passionately fighting to recreate the reflection of the man who inspired the hotel’s name.

One of the ways that Emin Pasha is going to wake the world up to its tremendous tenacity and unique personality is by hosting another cocktail of this kind. And from all that I gathered, the next time this cocktail is thrown it will be to appreciate another group of people. Who knows, next time it might be you.

To keep up with this elegant boutique hotel, visit their website: www.eminpasha.com