Uganda buzzes with an Events Scene like no other. Every weekend lights up with specialty events, parties and festivals for people to indulge in from all genres: Music Concerts & Festivals, Theme Nights, Arts & Cultural Exhibitions, Food Fetes and so much more! Thanks to the latest version of The Pearl Guide App, you no longer have to worry about carrying loads of cash to jam packed events ever again! Neither should you worry about tickets selling out before you reach the designated point of sale. The Pearl Guide Mobile App is now your personal designated point of sale for your Event Tickets!

The Pearl Guide Mobile App, Uganda’s premier holiday and leisure mobile application was released in May 2012 with a goal of bringing Uganda’s vast recreational opportunities closer to both the Ugandan locals and the international traveler community as well.  The mobile application, currently available for Apple, Android and Windows Phone, features insights into Uganda’s most idyllic Restaurants, Holiday Resorts, Outdoor Activities, Attractions, Safaris and so much more.

The Pearl Guide Mobile App also crucially features a lifestyle section called “What’s On“. The “What’s On” Section is a guide to all the top events happening throughout the year in Uganda and features in-depth information on these events such as venues, event dates, times, event descriptions, photos and more. This section now, not only showcases the hottest events in town but is also now offering app users the unique opportunity to pay for Event Tickets in advance and avoid the worries of events selling out before one can purchase a ticket or living with the risk of carrying large sums of money to some of the popular high traffic events.  It’s all about Convenience.

The Pearl Guide through it’s market network is also working with Event Managers to provide gainful Advance Ticket Discounts that users can utilize and make savings on their purchases.


The true beauty is in how remarkably simple, fast and secure the process is. When making your first payment, the app will request your Name and Contact Information just so that you are reachable instantly should there be any issue with your transaction. The mobile app will then lead you to a menu where you will choose your preferred Mode of Payment. Modes of Payment include MTN Mobile Money, Airtel Money, VISA, Ezee Money and MasterCard making this the best networked and most convenient mobile Events Ticketing Solution in Uganda.

Upon making a payment, you shall receive an E-Receipt via your submitted email that you shall present at the event for authentication and entry. Easy as pie!

If you are an Event Manager, simply email us at to find out more and to get your events signed up for our Advance Ticketing Service.

Visit the official mobile app page here to learn more and download to your mobile device! Please note that Advance Ticketing is only available for Apple and Android Devices at this time.