Picture this, a gentle rhythm from some of the finest DJs, Palm trees gently drifting in the breeze depicting an authentic Caribbean construction & feel, a busy cocktail shack that’s crowded by you and your colleagues making their way back and forth to enjoy tantalizing cocktail offerings. Pina Bubble Gum, Rockstar Collins – all on offer. Does that sound incredible? Of course, it does. Who doesn’t love the tropical lifestyle that’s tiki-tastic, with all the flair you can imagine! That is what the PinaCoalda Weekend was all about. 

The PinaColadaAmbiance and the views were simply breathtaking


Calm, Cozy and Comfy is what the set-up screamed
The Tropical theme was well delivered with a magnificent set-up

On Good Friday, Panamera Bar was home to the first of its kind PinaColada Weekend that treated revellers to the finest tropical vibes, the best house & dancefest music from the best DJs in Kampala, a galore of breathtaking cocktails at relatively affordable prices and a thematic ambience to usher them into a much-wanted easter weekend.

The Ushers were everything worth ogling at in their fine attire.
The Stage beamed with Tropical Vibes
All Chilled and a perfect catch up mood is what prevailed and so did crews enjoy
The Jet-Ski was the epitome of the coolest Tropical Party and we had it there.

At Panamera, the PinaColada weekend, a fusion of Uganda Waragi’s Pineapple garden party and Coconut flavour’s GoLocoForCoco beach setting was brought to life to give party lovers the best they could ask for a Good Friday. If you can envision what tropical sounds like, feels like, smell like, and taste like, it will help you appreciate what the ambience was like, at Panamera.

……Breathtaking cocktails were served chilled.

The PinaColada Weekend dress theme that was strictly tropical was highly welcomed as revellers indeed came out to play and slay in the sand and busk under the sun. The day was studded with a typical tropical party simply oozing with style, relaxed dressing, casual food and drink, music, movement, and lots of fun games and energy.

The games were played…
The Fem Effect was felt thanks to Fem Dj.

The evening had great music mixed with wildly-inventive Djs; Naselow, Slaughterelly, Fem_Dj, Dj Ssese & Dj Ciza, one-of-a-kind sophisticated signature cocktails and experiences brought by the best talent and brands in the spirits industry— Uganda Waragi. The PinaColada Weekend wasn’t about the event alone but was also a celebration of the amazing cocktails that were discounted throughout the festivities at various bars in town.