That Valentine’s Day is around the corner is (we sincerely hope!!) no news for you. You may have it all chalked down… the flowers, the chocolates and the gift followed by a romantic dinner with wine or champagne. Sounds perfect, isn’t it? Now how about we add a little zing to this dinner? Instead of that clichéd wine and champagne, how about a romantic and sinful Valentine’s Day cocktail. Believe us, it will come across as both different and thoughtful.

1. The Sky Breeze Cocktail at Sky Lounge

The Sky Breeze
It usually requires special circumstances for a drink to be named after its bar of origin (owner’s favourite etc), and the Sky Breeze’s particular circumstance is its best-seller status. A dollop of vanilla ice cream mixed with vodka makes up its base with what looks like chocolate permeating vanilla dripping deliciously down the inside of the glass. A combination of coffee, mixed with grenadine syrup lines the glass to create a contrast of colours and flavours for what has become Sky Lounge’s signature cocktail. With just one decadent sip, your lover will definitely be ready for an evening of true romance.

Price: UGX 20,000

Find Sky Lounge at:
Plot 11 Cooper Road Kisementi, Opposite Acacia Mall, Kampala
Tel: +256 714 111132

2. Mango Margarita at Prunes Cafe & Restaurant

Mango Margarita
Another well known cocktail gets a twist to keep things interesting. The salt-rimmed, tequila based cocktail is infused with fresh mango juice that takes the edge off what is usually a drink with more crisp, without losing its bite. The mango juice, fresh, with a hint of pulp makes for a delicious cocktail that gently coaxes one out of their sobriety without calling too much attention to itself. The ingredients are combined and blended with ice for a thicker, blitzy texture as opposed to its classic version, better known as a drink that spills easily. It is served in a martini glass, and also available with the mango exchanged for strawberry, apple and other shisha flavours. That was a joke.

Price: UGX 15,000

Find Prunes Café at:
Plot 8 Wampewo Avenue, Kampala
Tel: 0772712002

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3. Strawberry Daiquiri at Big Mike’s Cocktail Bar

Strawberry Daiquiri
This fun and flirty cocktail is one of those drinks that at first looks too beautiful to put in your mouth. Then the deep red, reflecting light off its thick frostiness rising proudly above the rim of margarita glass it’s served in beckons you and you completely forget that first part. Fresh strawberries blitzed with ice and vanilla infused vodka and lime juice is not just as simple as it gets, it’s as good as it gets. The vanilla notes in an otherwise subdued vodka compliment the raspberry, as does the lime juice. The result is a fresh as well as refreshing beverage, restrained in its sweetness and balanced enough to mask how strong it actually is.

Price: UGX 25,000

Find Big Mike’s at:
19 John Babiha (Acacia) Ave, Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 (0)705 360 001

4. Jamaican Juice at Que Pasa Mexican Cantina

Jamaican Juice
Despite what its name may suggest, there isn’t actually any tea in a Long Island Iced Tea (gasp), but there is definitely tea in the Jamaican Juice. Brewed from purple hibiscus plant, hibiscus tea tends to be a natural shade of pink and little lighter in flavour, though more tangy than the better known ceylon (Chai Mukalu). A little mint and lime are muddle together and combined with the hibiscus tea, rum and gin. Rum doesn’t taste like much, but is propped up by ever-so-flavoursome and ever-so-fragrant gin, which in collaboration with the mint also enhances the flavour of the hibiscus tea. It is as tasty as it’s pretty, served in a mason jar and generously garnished with mint.

Price: UGX 16,000

Find Que Pasa at:
21 Cooper Road, Kisementi, Kololo
Tel: +256 783 874469

5. Kawunyemu Shooter at (Mythos Greek Taverna & Lounge Just to make sure the cops can’t interrupt date night)

Kawunyemu Centre along with the Berry Kiss Left and Patron Cafe Right
Kawunyemu is a Luganda term referring to breathalyser tests conducted by the police to get drunk drivers off the road at night. The shooter it gives its name to is comprised of clear Peach Schnapps, beneath a layer of locally made coffee liqueur and finished with Amarula, so neatly assembled that the lines separating the three liquids could have been drawn with a foot rule. Being so well partitioned enables the different flavours and textures remain distinct when you take the shooter. Coffee liqueurs are natural bedfellows, their flavours being so similar and compatible, but the subtle peach infusions of of the Schnapps provide a delightful fruity contrast. Having done the shot, however, the taste of coffee is likely to be the longest lasting taste, easily cloaking the smell of alcohol on your breath. The only breathalysers this is actually likely to deceive, however, are other people’s noses.
This perhaps may be the most devious of the lot, a keynote to have in mind if your good girl is looking for a bad boy this Valentine’s.

Price: UGX 10,000

Find Mythos at:
Plot 18 Impala Road. Kampala
0790 916183

Try any one or more of these drinks with your partner on this Valentine’s Day and let us know how things went!

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