Believed to be one of the deepest & the most beautiful lakes in Africa, surrounded by numerous islands and terraced hills, Lake Bunyonyi in south-west Uganda was the final destination of the Uganda Travel Month 2018 on 19th October.

A calm beauty of a Lake giving you a calm boat ride.

Aptly known as the Swiss Alps of Uganda, Lake Bunyonyi boasts of over 29 islands and once there, the visitors were treated to a scenic ride to have a glimpse of the untold story of Kabale, the rich story that every island carries as well as the enormous amount of spectacular views of landscapes.

The Stopover was the most fascinating highlight of the Bunyonyi Trip

On the bus to Bunyonyi, it was a positive vibe as always as Nile Specials brought an amazing mood and excitement amongst responsible drinkers. The music was serenading because of the Radio City vibe, the conversations were rib-cracking, the ride was secure thanks to Total Excellium powering the buses. At the venue, it was all shades of relaxations with a great view.

The Uganda Travel Month trips were such a phenomenal smooth success because of the Total Excellium fuel.
Kilometer after Kilometer, total Excellium was at the centre of the Uganda Travel Month trips.

The Bunyonyi trip was filled with adrenaline triggering ventures such as boat cruises and ziplining. To crown the trip off, there, are some great photographic opportunities at sunset when the rays reflect in the calm evening waters of the lake that were captured, the fun that was part of the journey and the excitement all throughout the trip.