Chobe Safari Lodge tucked away in Murchison Falls National Game Park was the second destination of the Ugandan Travel Month. The luxurious lodge overlooking the Victoria Nile was the newest addition and the most exciting trips under the Uganda Travel month and sold out the fastest.

A sight of Giraffes is one you can’t miss while at Chobe Safari Lodge
Obstinacy of buffalo is a common sight at Chobe

Chobe Safari Lodge is enriched with breathtaking panoramic views coupled with the sounds of the River Nile’s magnificent rapids which sets the scene for an adventure that will impress even the most discerning of visitors. Trip two was filled with all the hype and pomp for the much loved luxurious lodge and it was met with a class as well from the visitors.

The glow was not about to be intrerupted
We lived for the views that came with the bevy taking a dip and smiling while at it
Atleast if couldn’t take a dip while at the beautiful pool of Chobe Safari Lodge, a pose by the pool was enough
For everyone that took a dip, the excitement was hard to hide

On arrival, the visitors immediately opted to take a dip in the gigantic Chobe Safari Lodge swimming pool to cool off the 4hour drive & 273.7 km journey. The trip was characterised with breathtaking views of the Nile, amazing lodges where the visitors resided, the amazing ambience, beautiful flora and fauna and what is a trip to Chobe Safari Lodge without taking a glimpse of the wild animals.

Should Murchison Falls at Chobe Safari Lodge be listed for a Uganda Travel Month trip, you should never miss out on this opportunity to reside in the marvellous and these photos add the picture to what we’re trying to communicate.

We trekked to catch the buffaloes and the Giraffes.

Positive Vibes Only

When the beer is Special, the moment too will be special!
The nature walk was everything we needed to have a good feel of the park