Have you ever been to a family function and Aunt *Insert her name* walks ever so expectantly towards you, embraces you and exclaims .. “Eh, *Insert your name* you’ve grown!!!”, and you stand there with a sheepish smile on your face well knowing you have no recollection what your own aunt’s name is? If so, then this article is for you misbehaving lot. Because you my friend are ripe for what we call the “Rebel Wedding“.

Fairy tales have implanted a certain longing for weddings to be in a grandiose, Disney-princess kind of way. And although there is nothing wrong with that at all (because Cinderella-ish weddings are also awesome! ), couples of the now are longing for more than the usual wedding lists and lusts. They crave for something new, something to defy in order to define (the bride’s personality, the groom’s…their bond).

The rebellious wedding especially in our African cultural case, takes steel balls. We dedicate this post to all the couples who have the guts to say, “I don’t care what other people say.” Because of you, we’ve compiled Uganda’s top 5 destinations that can satisfy your rebel wedding desires.

5. Chobe Safari Lodge

We’ll ease you into the compilation with perhaps the safest location on the list. Chobe Safari Lodge has been tried and tested, hosting a series of weddings since opening it’s doors to the public in 2011. As you recite your vows to the mellow vibes of the gliding Nile in the background, you’ll wonder what’s more beautiful.. your view or the bride!

With the characteristics of a standard city 5 star hotel, Chobe will adequately deliver while the distance from Kampala will help you weed out Jimmy and Sharon, the serial free loaders you’re trying to avoid.

For inquiries: reservations@marasa.net

4. One Minute South
one minute south bulago wedding
With access to the islands getting easier by the year, our Lake Victoria representation comes from One Minute South (on Bulago Island), an exclusive rental cliff-top villa with 7 bedrooms on the 500 acre Equatorial island.

The coconut palms, deserted white sandy beaches, volleyball court and an infinity pool complete this picture of paradise creating the muse for a Bohemian themed jail sentence.

With group boating starting as low as $345, experienced management and staff, One Minute South will definitely put a lake of water between you and Jimmy for a private controlled wedding experience.

You can shake the sand from your shoes, but it will never leave your soul.

For inquiries: ali@oneminutesouth.com

3.  Birdnest @ Bunyonyi

What’s a beauty list without Bunyonyi right? Another one with enough rooming to host your intimate celebration and enough dreaminess in the backdrop to render it timeless.

The hotel has a rich and fascinating history, having been vandalised into a painful ruin by soldiers during Amin’s regime but like all super-heroes, returned in the sequel (Part 2) under a more peaceful regime in the late 80’s. The original hotel was built over and expanded from a four bed roomed lodging, to the fourteen roomed structure that is ready to host your rebel agenda.

For inquiries: pablo@birdnestresort.com

2. Rwakobo Rock
rwakobo rock wedding
Photo: Emily Ward

Let’s give water a break hey? In our top two locations, water is provided only by way of two immaculately positioned swimming pools.

Rwakobo is nestled on a scenic outcrop with breathtaking views. Animals such as zebra, warthog, impala and bushbuck abound around the lodge and often congregate at the water hole beneath the dining area. At night the sounds of bush come to life and allow your imagination to run wild.

Wedding Photography Supremo Emily Ward in 2016 captured a memorable union on this property that adequately illustrates the opportunities at your disposal if you took your rebel wedding agenda to Lake Mburo National Park.

With road accessibility and proximity in your favour, Rwakobo Rock is not only scenically unrelenting but allows some of your guests to stay nearby in Mbarara if they don’t have the bush palette.

For inquiries: 

1.Apoka Safari Lodge

To adequately describe our Number 1 selection, we made a call to Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon for some guidance. He said, “A voyage to Apoka is a crinkum crankum, and will leave you discombobulated with views reminiscent of an odoriferous saga”. We shall not share his whole manuscript on the subject for fear of leaving you in a grammatical brouhaha. But Apoka commands such descriptions and more.

When you close your eyes and think of the Africa reminiscent of Lion King, the landscape you imagine – the jagged hills, the golden grasses, the plains dotted with wildlife, the soft glowing light – is likely to be Kidepo. This is Uganda’s most remote park, far away from city life, far away from Jimmy and Sharon once again, whose traits we’ve discerned as undesirable for our rebel wedding.

With the road from Moroto to the park vastly improved in the last year and a selection of chartered flights available if your budget so pleases, Apoka is now more accessible than ever giving our ultimate rebel couples the chance to put their big day in the savannah’s ultimate time capsule.

For inquiries: info@wildplacesafrica.com 

Do you have your own Rebel Wedding Locations? Share with us in the comments below or on social media via the hashtag #RebelWeddingUg.