<h3>2 Friends Beach Hotel</h3><p>Journey with us as we check out Entebbe's Number 1 rated hotel on TripAdvisor and discover what makes it great! See more here!</p><h3>Big Mike's Cocktail Bar</h3><p>Big Mike’s is the quintessence of the modern cocktail bar in Kampala City. You thought you knew Big Mike's? Think again! See our review</p><h3>Jinja Sailing Club</h3><p>Primely located by the lake, Jinja Sailing Club is a breath of fresh air to Jinja's culinary and nightlife scene. See our review here!</p><h3>Yujo Sushi Bar & Izakaya</h3><p>Imagine dining in truly Japanese style.. cross-legged in a room of low tables. See our review of Yujo, probably the most authentic Japanese restaurant in East Africa!</p>

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